Country:Nepal Duration:01 Day
Trip Level:- Altitude:1300 m
Activities:Bungee Accommodation:-
Group Size:01-15people Transport:Jeep/Bus
Starts at:Kathmandu Ends at:Kathmandu
Trip Route:-
Best Seasons:Everyday

Bunjee Jump is one of the thrilling and challenging adventurous sport which can now be experienced in Nepal. We can experience the ultimate thriller of jump in the gorge of the wild BhoteKoshi River over 160 meter,which is located just near to the Tibetan Border. All though the trekking is most famous tourist activity in Nepal, Bunjee jumping also has gained the popularity especially for travelers who want to obtain the ultimate rush. The easy access to the Bunjee jump site is 4 hour drive from Kathmandu valley and 19 km away from Tibetan Border.The best season for the Bunjee Jump in Nepal is Sep/Oct/Nov/March/April & May.
The Bunjee Bridge which is designed by the Swiss has 4x safety factor. As per the measurement of Swiss the loading factor of the bridge is 41.5 tons. The expert and experience jump master will come into business for your safety. When the person jumps, the cord stretches and the jumper flies upward again as the cord snaps back, and continues to oscillate up and down until the energy is dissipated. As per the view of the jumper it is the best way to experience the wild adventure. Similarly, the BhoteKoshibunjee offers the adventurous rafting which is more exciting and breathtaking. Anyone who has suffered from various health problems like pregnancy, high blood pressure, heart disease, Epilepsy, Neurological problems etc. may not get the chance to taste the adventurous Bunjee jump. The price costing is according to the foreign nationality, rupees 8200 is for Indian and Chinese Nationality per person whereas for Nepali its NRS 5500 and Euro 90 is for other foreigner.

Trip highlights

  • Experience the ultimate thrill of Bunjee Jump over BhoteKoshi.
  •  Experience the Breathtaking wild adventure and rafting in BhoteKoshi.
  • Sophisticated jumping site rooted with 4x safety factor.
  • Bunjee is prohibited for health suffering peoples. 
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