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Tibet is a region located in the Himalayan mountains of Central Asia. It is an autonomous region of China and has been the subject of controversy and political tension for many years.

Tibet has a unique culture and history that dates back thousands of years. The region has been traditionally ruled by a spiritual leader known as the Dalai Lama, who is believed to be the reincarnation of a long line of Buddhist masters. Tibet has also been home to many other religions, including Bon, a pre-Buddhist religion native to the region.

In 1950, the People’s Republic of China invaded Tibet and established control over the region. Since then, the Chinese government has implemented policies aimed at suppressing Tibetan culture and identity. This has led to tensions between Tibetans and the Chinese government, and has sparked protests and acts of resistance.

The issue of Tibetan autonomy and human rights has been a topic of international concern and has been the subject of many discussions and debates. Many human rights groups and political leaders have called for greater autonomy and freedom for Tibet, while the Chinese government maintains that Tibet is an integral part of China and that it is committed to protecting its sovereignty over the region.

Tibet, on the lofty Tibetan Plateau on the northern side of the Himalayas, is an autonomous region of China. It’s nicknamed the “Roof of the World” for its towering peaks. It shares Mt. Everest with Nepal. Its capital, Lhasa, is site of hilltop Potala Palace, once the Dalai Lama’s winter home, and Jokhang Temple, Tibet’s spiritual heart, revered for its golden statue of the young Buddha.

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Multi-Country wonders of Himalayas [Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet]

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Experience the holiday of a lifetime! Explore three majestic Himalayan geographies while also experiencing the rich Buddhist history and cultures from three different destinations. Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan are three unique countries connected through the Great Himalaya spanning from Bhutan in the East to Pakistan in the West. Along with it, get to enjoy the...

$5900 / person
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15 Day/s

Max:1-12 pax


Min Age: 5-80


Tibet Lhasa Overland Tour

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Tibet, the highest region of the world with altitude of 4900 m, is one of the most reticent societies in the world today. Tibet Autonomous (TAR) which is also known as Xizang autonomous is situated frontier of the people's republic of China. Normally Tibet has been the habitat of the Tibetan Ethnicity. Tibet has been developed as one...

$1275 / person
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08 Day/s

Max:2-15 pax


Min Age: 2-80