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About Bhutan
Visit Bhutan, the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’. A Himalayan kingdom nestled deep amidst the high Himalayan mountains is a unique destination. Isolated from the outside world for centuries, this fascinating country was known as Shangri La, the hidden kingdom.

Take a journey to this mystical country and experience a rich and vibrant Vajrayana Buddhist culture. Observe the unique native customs and traditions. Step into centuries-old sacred Buddhist monasteries and interact with the learned monks. Enter the lush jungles and explore the wildlife. Hike to monasteries built atop ridges and cliff sides. Take part in monastic festivals and dance with the masked dancers. Walk along the decorated corridors of old palaces and gaze at verdant valleys from ancient fortresses built by Bhutanese kings. Share a meal with a farming family and discover what makes Bhutan the country with the highest ‘gross happiness index’.

Best time to visit Bhutan
The ideal seasons to travel to Bhutan are Spring and Autumn because, during these seasons, one can indulge in various activities (trekking, hiking, rafting, mountain biking, etc). But one can visit Bhutan any time of the year. It all depends on the kind of activity you want to enjoy and the places you want to visit. One can take a culture to the major cities any time of the year. Wildlife safaris and nature tours in Southern Bhutan are popular during winter, which does not see much tourist traffic in the rest of the country.

Things to do in Bhutan
As more than 70% of Bhutan’s landscape is covered with forests, this is ideal for connecting with nature. The ancient palaces, Buddhist monasteries and dzongs (traditional citadels) offer a unique cultural experience. The roads and rough gravel tracks connecting small towns and cities and winding across high mountain passes and pine woods are ideal for mountain biking and motorbike adventures. The verdant woods covering the hills and valleys are home to rare Himalayan flora and fauna. Take a nature or bird watching tour—Trek or hike through the trails used by nomads and yak herders. Witness the vibrant Bhutanese monastic festivals. Watch the monks perform colorful Cham dances and participate in Buddhist rituals.

How many days are sufficient to visit Bhutan?
To explore the whole country would take you at least a month or two. But if you want to experience only the major cultural highlights you need at least 5 days for Bhutan Cultural Tour. If you want to experience trekking, you will need at least a week or two.

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