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Why Travel With Us

The questions remain! What makes Corporate Adventure Treks Pvt. Ltd. so different? Along with being fairly popular with tourists within the short period of time, we also have other qualities on par of excellence:

We provide personalized trip plans and packages for your utmost comfort and convenience. We also present discounted tour packages frequently to allow travelers to get rid of issues related to travel budget.  If you’re absolutely clueless about where to go, what to do, and most importantly when to go, we have ideal pre-determined trips which can help you choose activities according to your liking. What’s more is that our trips can be easily tailored to your preferences as well.

Corporate Adventure Treks Pvt. Ltd. has always lived up to its motto of providing the best with no compromise on the experience and safety of a client. With already many accomplishments within 3 years after the establishment, we can proudly share that we have satisfied hundreds of clients who even have consulted with us long after their first trips. We strive to give continuity to our services because we care about giving the best and miraculous times to our clients for the trust they give us in return.

If you’re worried about unprofessionalism then fret not; Corporate Adventure Treks Pvt. Ltd. won’t give you any inconvenience especially in the transfer of information. Our services have maintained a high standard of time management that allows us to plan and carry out activities with no interruptions. Similarly, our staffs are well-versed in English which allows for a smooth conversation and information transfer.

With staffs from the various local regions, we have ample knowledge of the nooks and corners of the hidden gems in the country. Due to the friendly and warm personalities of our members, we have been favored by many of our past customers who appreciated us on this particularly prominent feature of our team. Our learned skills allow us to interact and help clients in any way possible without hesitation.

Nepal is a vast arena for information on its truly diverse culture and traditions, and it’s almost plausible to get one or the other fact wrong. To reduce the possibility of such errors, we make sure to provide only verified and authentic facts based on evidence so as not to bring up fallacies created by hearsay. These do not only limit to cultural practices but even the Nepalese history. Hence, we take extra care in giving away information especially that related to the historical essence of Nepal.

Our goal is to travel and leave no footprints behind. Sticking to the mission of decreasing harmful impacts on the environment and the overall natural beauty of Nepal, we have adopted measures to prevent the pollution caused by traveling. It doesn’t decrease the fun in any case and in fact, creates a learning space where one can learn information on conserving the environment as well.