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Nepal is laced with mesmerizing elements of nature, endowed with the goodness of white Himalayan peaks, dense forests of treasured flora and fauna, and heart-warming communities spread over the country. Mr. Saroj Katel was in love with every such piece of Nepal that makes one such glorified nation and yearned to spread the beauty of Nepal all over the country. In his endeavor, Corporate Adventure Treks was born in 2015. We operate to successfully provide trekking, touring, peak climbing, and adventure sports at various traditional and fairly new destinations in Nepal. With almost 3 years of experience and clients who have placed their trust in us in such a short span of time, our goal remains to give the best-valued services to our clients without any compromise in quality. As sharing is a huge part of the Nepali culture, Corporate Adventure Treks has always tried to ensure the hidden gems of traveling in Nepal is shared amongst travel enthusiasts.

Starting out as just a porter at an early age, founder Saroj Katel endured the hardships of being determined boy with the dreams of travels and journeys. The endurance and undeterred dedication caused him to become a city guide as well as a manager for trip advisor companies. These experiences later became stepping stones for his effort to venture into the world of tourism. He started Corporate Adventure Treks after developing the competency to operate at the highest level. He has received numerous training and garnered great command over issues that can arise in the world of tourism thus helping him create a shrewd team of similar individuals. That is why we strive to provide our clients with memories they agree is worth their time and money. All the experience and training are to prevent the clients from the trouble from unauthentic information including security matters.

So, no matter what happens Corporate Adventure Treks is always there to lend a helping hand to our client’s adventure and fun filled journeys and appreciate the constructive feedback which has helped us grow into professional business in the present year. We assure you of the travel you imagine and give our utmost to share the sheer beauty that is Nepal.

………………………..Thank you and Namaste…………..