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Dolpo Circuit Trek

13 Reviews

Dolpo region, which lies in the mid-west of Nepal, is one of the isolated areas of the country. The southern region opened its gates to tourists only in 1989. The Dolpo region is charming as well as mysterious, thus making the region perfect for a trekking adventure. The cultures and traditions are closely linked with...

$3320 / person
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24 Day/s

Max:1-10 pax


Min Age: 12-80


Multi-Country wonders of Himalayas [Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet]

13 Reviews

Experience the holiday of a lifetime! Explore three majestic Himalayan geographies while also experiencing the rich Buddhist history and cultures from three different destinations. Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan are three unique countries connected through the Great Himalaya spanning from Bhutan in the East to Pakistan in the West. Along with it, get to enjoy the...

$3900 / person
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15 Day/s

Max:1-12 pax


Min Age: 5-80

yoga trip

Spiritual Nepal Tour

13 Reviews

Spiritual Nepal Tour is one such trip across the ravishing country of Nepal, where you will be able to experience the best of the diverse culture, natural beauty, and traditions. This tour is a unique package offering you different prehistoric heritage sites and natural beauty of this captivating country of extraordinary Himalayas Nepal. Nepal, being...

$1585 / person
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20 Day/s

Max:1-15 pax


Min Age: 2-80


Tibet Lhasa Overland Tour

13 Reviews

Tibet, the highest region of the world with altitude of 4900 m, is one of the most reticent societies in the world today. Tibet Autonomous (TAR) which is also known as Xizang autonomous is situated frontier of the people's republic of China. Normally Tibet has been the habitat of the Tibetan Ethnicity. Tibet has been developed as one...

$1275 / person
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08 Day/s

Max:2-15 pax


Min Age: 2-80